Corey Feldman Pushes for Pedophiles To Be Arrested

October 23, 2017 - 7:15am

Harvey Weinstein's downfall has emboldened Corey Feldman, who says he is determined to seek justice after being sexually abused himself as a child by an unnamed Hollywood predator.

The 46-year-old became famous for iconic role in classic films like Stand By Me and The Goonies, but largely fell off the radar. In a recent tweetstorm, he blames his career stalling out on the abuse and pledges to finally seek justice.

  • Feldman has been outspoken for years about the abuse he says he and his late friend and co-star Corey Haim suffered. But he has never named names, and remains to be reluctant to so, citing safety concerns.
  • Feldman tweeted: "I will not [be] going on a talk show 2 disclose names of my abuser or [anyone else's] abusers." He added that he's "working on a plan" to "shed some [light] on this situation if I can figure out a way 2 get actual justice while not risking my safety & well being. You will know when that time comes! ... Let me add, this not about fear of being sued! Yes, that's a real possibility but the bigger reason is safety 4 my family."
  • Last week, a clip of Barbara Walters challenging Feldman's claims of abuse on The View in 2013 surfaced, sparking criticism of Walters and opening up a dialogue about the culture of secrecy in Hollywood.
  • Against the backdrop of this push for justice however, Feldman has been arrested. He and his bandmates were pulled over in their RV on their way to play a show in Louisiana, leading to arrests and drug charges.
  • According to TMZ, Feldman's driver's license was suspended and police found a small amount of marijuana upon searching the vehicle. He was taken to Richland Parish jail released after paying a fine for speeding and possession.


Watch Barbara Walters Downplay Corey Feldman's Claims: