Demi Lovato’s Candid Conversation

October 19, 2017 - 6:30am

Demi Lovato has been candid about personal issues she has gone through over the years. The singer addressed her struggles with an eating disorder via an Instagram story.

The story includes two side-by-side photos: One of a frail Demi several years ago, and another of the strong, healthy pop star we know today. She captioned the image "Recovery is possible."

This week, Demi debuted a YouTube documentary titled Simply Complicated in which she opened up about her experience with the disorder, among many other topics.

"When I feel lonely, my heart feels hungry and then I end up binging and I don't know how to figure out how to be alone," Demi says. "One thing that I haven't fully conquered is my eating disorder."

"Food is still the biggest challenge in my life," she says at a different point in the film. "It's something that I'm constantly thinking about."

Meanwhile, Demi has uploaded a lyric video for "Hitchhiker" on YouTube. "This song is both sexy and a little risky," the singer said of "Hitchhiker." "It's about experimenting with that special someone and going on an adventure with them."


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