Demi Lovato Answers Fan Questions with Puppies: Watch Here

October 17, 2017 - 6:45am

Demi Lovato is the latest artist to be featured in BuzzFeed's Playing With Puppies interview series.

Some of the questions Demi answered while hanging out with the cute dogs included, "What has been your favorite fan interaction or experience?" "How do you deal with a breakup?" "Do you want to act again?" "What has been your best achievement so far?" and many more.

About her favorite fan experience, Demi said, "I haven't had a favorite fan experience because all of them are so special. I think anytime a fan tells me that I've saved their life is extremely meaningful and it just matters so much to me. It's kind of unfathomable, so it really means a lot."

On how she deals with a breakup, Demi said, "I deal with a break up by leaning on my closest friends, and by getting out into the dating scene again. I think that it's important not to dwell on certain things and just to get back out there and have fun."

When asked about the funniest prank she's ever pulled, Demi said, "The funniest prank that I ever pulled on somebody was I pulled a prank on my security guard, and in Vegas it's legal to hire a lady of the night to make surprise visits for somebody. So, I did that and i sent her to my security guard's room, and told her to be very forceful and make herself enter the room. And she did just that, and he was very startled and I'm glad that he didn't keep her."

All the puppies in the video are available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America.

Demi's new album Tell Me You Love Me is available now, and her documentary Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated premieres today on YouTube.

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