Freshly Brewed Gossip

October 2, 2017 - 7:00am

50 KILLED, 200 INJURED AT JASON ALDEAN'S CONCERT: At least 50 people have been killed and 200 have been injured after a gunman opened fire at a country music festival Sunday night in Las Vegas. It is the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. The shooting began soon after Jason Aldean took the stage at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a three-day country music event in Las Vegas. Witnesses report that a gunman took aim at the audience for up to two hours, and attendees were reportedly trapped in the venue as police searched for the gunman. Police located and reportedly killed the shooter, who has been identified as Stephen Paddock, 64. He was located on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Casino. Police believe he was a "lone wolf" and acted alone. This story is developing. (People)

JASON ALDEAN ABLE TO FLEE STAGE DURING SHOOTING: Video footage of the horrific mass shooting Sunday night has started emerging. One sequence shows country singer Jason Aldean running from stage during his Las Vegas show right after a gunman opened fire. "Tonight has been beyond horrific. I still dont know what to say but wanted to let everyone know that Me and my Crew are safe," Aldean wrote in an Instagram post in the wake of the shooting. "My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved tonight. It hurts my heart that this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night. #heartbroken#stopthehate." (People)

THE SIMPSONS AIRS PLEA TO HELP PUERTO RICO: This Sunday's season premiere of The Simpsons parodied Game of Thrones, but it ended on a serious note as everyone in Springfield banded together to support Puerto Rico. An image that aired for five seconds at the end of the episode showed the Puerto Rican flag, Marge with a "Unido" sign and Twitter handles for Unicef and Save the Children. The message being that if even Nelson Muntz can do the right thing, pretty much everyone can. The show's Twitter feed also sent out a "how you can help" message. (Vulture)

CO-HEAD WRITERS SARAH SCHNEIDER AND CHRIS KELLY LEAVE SNL: Sarah Schneider and Chris Kelly, the co-head writers of NBC's long-running Saturday Night Live, have both left to work on other projects. SNL vets Bryan Tucker and Kent Sublette will continue on as co-head writers. According to Deadline, Schneider and Kelly are working on a siblings comedy pilot that they shot for Comedy Central. (Deadline)

REPORT: KYLIE JENNER SHELLS OUT $70G ON BABY CLOTHES: This will be one well-shod infant. The reality star Kylie Jenner has reportedly shelled out $70,000 on baby clothes and accessories for her rumored baby girl. (The 20-year-old has not confirmed reports that she is pregnant. Travis Scott is said to be the father). “This is gonna be the best dressed kid you’ve ever seen," a source told TMZ. (TMZ)