Walk The Moon Is Back: Watch Here

September 25, 2017 - 6:45am

Walk The Moon is back with a new single and a new video, "One Foot." The clip finds Nicholas Petricca and the guys performing at California's Joshua Tree National Park during the recent total eclipse of the sun. The band performs in the desert in front of a number of mirrors, and Nick is also seen singing alone on a cliff top with the sun in the background. A woman is also seen wandering around the cliffs, and at the end, she and Nick embrace.

Nick says of "One Foot," "We've never felt more true to ourselves than we do right now, releasing this song and this upcoming record. 'One Foot' is the soundtrack of our journey this past year, moving forward even when the path is uncertain."

So far, there's no title or release date for Walk The Moon's new album. It's the follow up to Talking Is Hard, the album that featured their breakthrough smash, "Shut Up and Dance."

See The New Video: