Freshly Brewed Gossip with a $1 Million Donation

September 6, 2017 - 6:30am

JIMMY FALLON ANNOUNCES $1M HURRICANE HARVEY DONATION: On Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon announced that The Tonight Show will donate $1 million dollars toward Houston Texan players J.J. Wyatt's hurricane relief fund. "Last week we saw the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey on the state of Texas," Fallon said. "But in the face of this tragedy, we saw good. We saw communities banding together." So far, Watt's fund has raised more than $20 million to help Harvey victims. After his announcement, Fallon welcomed Victoria White and Marquist Taylor to the stage to sing "Lean on Me." (Their impromptu performance of the song at a Harvey storm shelter went viral). (Vulture)

RYAN PHILLIPPE DISCUSSES RECOVERING FROM FREAK LEG BREAK: Ryan Phillippe is hitting the gym again. (With a walking cast). The Shooter star took to Instagram to share a shirtless photo of himself post-workout. He gave fans an update on his health after breaking his leg in July in what he called a "freak accident." "Gettin bak in fightin' shape - war ready," Phillippe, 42, captioned the image. Shooter airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on USA. (Entertainment Weekly)

KATIE HOLMES AND JAMIE FOXX READY TO BRING ROMANCE PUBLIC? It's been four long years of rumored romance, split ups, space and ... romance again. The latest development in the Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx love saga seems to indicate that things are definitely on again. TMZ published photos of the duo walking barefoot in the sand, holding hands and cuddling. (TMZ)

LILI REINHART FIRES BACK AT 'INAPPROPRIATE' FAN: Lili Reinhart plays the sweet Betty Cooper on The CW's Riverdale, but she's no wilting flower IRL. The actress recently hit up Twitter to lambast a fan who claimed that her costar Cole Sprouse wasn't nice to her. The fan tweeted, "Basically moral of the story downtown vancouver is trash and the cast of @CW_Riverdale are disgusting and rude [sic]," the fan tweeted. "i just wanna say F- RUDE PEOPLE, don't become a celeb if u want privacy, u get paid for having fans so respect them or be nice at least [sic]." Reinhart fired back, tweeting: "You do not have the right to approach STRANGER and throw your arms around us like you know us. What you did was not cool and inappropriate." While they haven't confirmed their relationship publicly, there has been widespread speculation that Reinhart and Sprouse are dating. Do you jump in and defend your friends and significant others on social media? (People)

KENDALL JENNER AND BLAKE GRIFFIN OFFICIAL COUPLE? All signs point to Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin being an official item. Sources tell Page Six the pair were spotted hanging over the holiday weekend in Malibu all weekend. A spy tells the paper: "They spent all day together on the beach and at Soho House's Little Beach House. It definitely looked like a date, or the early stages of a romance. They were laughing and having a good time." The 21-year-old model and 28-year-old L.A. Clippers star were spotted out on the town almost every night last week. (Page Six)


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