Blake Lively Used To Send Leo Dicaprio Pics of Dolls

August 31, 2017 - 9:30am

So many questions. Buried in a long, delightful Vanity Fair profile of Gossip Girl on its 10th anniversary is this nugget: Blake Lively totally sent Leonardo DiCaprio pictures of posed dolls while they were dating.

The pair dated for five months in 2011 and part of their courtship involved Lively taking snaps of dollies, producer Joshua Safran tells VF.

  • "When I think about shooting the L.A. episodes, Blake was dating [DiCaprio] at the time, and she had this thing where she had a doll that she took photos of that she sent to Leo. Blake was way ahead of the curve. It was pre-Instagram. She was documenting her life in photographs in a way that people were not yet doing," he divulged.
  • Around the same time, a Barbie doll was created based on Lively’s Green Lantern character, Carol Ferris.
  • "We went to WonderCon to show our first ten minutes of footage and I saw a Barbie sitting there with my face and with my mole!" Lively said of that time. "That was a huge, huge deal for me. I never thought I would be an actor, much less have my own Barbie!"
  • No word on whether the Lively Barbie was the doll in question.