Out with Amy, In with Anne Hathaway

July 26, 2017 - 6:15am

Anne Hathaway is in talks to play Barbie in the upcoming live-action movie from Sony, according to Variety. The Australian Fun Mom Dinner director Alethea Jones is in talks to direct.

Hathaway is replacing Amy Schumer who backed out in March citing scheduling conflicts. The big screen adaptation of Barbie was scheduled to begin June 23rd, but Schumer's busy schedule (including a promotional tour for Snatched and the shooting of Rebecca Miller's She Came to Me) prevented that.

  • The film is being billed as a new and modern spin on the iconic 50-year-old brand. The script tells the story of a woman who awakens to the fact that she doesn't fit into the make-believe perfect land of Barbies and Kens, and ditches it for the real world, where being a little different is a good thing.
  • When Schumer was cast, opinions were strongly divided. Some loved that a curvier actress had been chosen, while critics bemoaned the choice, saying it didn’t reflect the brand.
  • It is unknown if the same plot will remain in place if Hathaway signs on the dotted line. Sony still reportedly hopes to keep the scheduled release date of June 29th, 2018.