Who’s A Hero?? Ariana?

July 21, 2017 - 6:45am

All the work Ariana Grande did to raise money for the victims of the Manchester bombing in May helped make her a hero in the eyes of British kids. The British paper The Mirror said the singer is among the top 50 modern-day children's heroes, according to a new survey conducted by Mattel of six-to-13-year-old children in the U.K.

The highest-ranked pop star on the list was British girl group Little Mix, who came in at No. 10, followed by Ed Sheeran at No. 11. Ariana ranked No. 14 on the list, right after Simon Cowell, but ahead of the superhero Iron Man. Justin Bieber and Harry Styles also made the list, but were ranked much further down, below the likes of The Rock, Thor, Luke Skywalker, Wonder Woman, Superman, Spider-Man, Batman, and Harry Potter.

"Mum" topped the list, followed by "Dad" at No. 2. In addition, "My teacher," "Grandmother" and "Grandfather" were among the real-life heroes on the kids' list.