Vogue apologizes for “missing the mark”

July 17, 2017 - 11:15am

Vogue is apologizing following backlash over a cover story characterizing Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid as "gender-fluid."

In a statement, Vogue wrote: “The story was intended to highlight the impact the gender-fluid, non-binary communities have had on fashion and culture. We are very sorry the story did not correctly reflect that spirit – we missed the mark. We do look forward to continuing the conversation with greater sensitivity.”

  • On the cover, the real-life lovebirds wore blazers and button-down shirts, with a headline that reads: “Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are Part of a New Generation Embracing Gender Fluidity.”
  • The article that accompanied the shoot included observations from Hadid and Malik that broadcast their openness to a variety of clothing, regardless of the gender it was nominally designed for.
  • “I like (your shirt),” Malik says to Hadid. “And if it’s tight on me, so what? It doesn’t matter if it was made for a girl.”
  • “Totally. It’s not about gender,” Hadid responds. “It’s about like, shapes. And what feels good on you that day. And anyway, it’s fun to experiment.”
  • The reaction on social media was swift, with many pointing out that wearing men's pants or a girl's shirt does not mean someone's gender fluid.
  • One user pointed out: "Think Vogue is a bit confused on what gender fluidity is! Wearing your gf’s T-shirt does not make you gender fluid" while another wrote, "Is Vogue aware that there r actual, real life, gender fluid people out there"?
  • Hadid and Malik, meanwhile, have not yet commented on the controversy.